Does this sound familiar?

You've been trying to market your products on the gram but feel "stuck" and need a little guidance.

You want to take your creative hobby or side hustle more seriously but have no idea where to start.

You're curious about how to utilize Instagram to the fullest for your business.

If you answered yes to any of these, this course is for YOU!

I get it… because that was me, too!

Hi, I'm Megan! With my Instagram for Makers strategy I was able to go from full-time nanny to full-time traveler while creating macrame pieces for clients all over America. This has completely CHANGED MY LIFE!

I created this course for makers who feel that they could use a little guidance in marketing their products on Instagram. This course is designed to remove any guesswork when it comes to how to get your products visible on Instagram, and leave you feeling confident in your next steps as a small business maker.


"Megan’s Instagram for makers course has been so helpful! 

I tried navigating Instagram’s algorithm for 2 years own my own without much luck before I invested in Megan’s course.

After following her tips, I saw a 155% increase in my engagement in the very first week!

Her advice is easy to follow with clear and practical applications. It was worth every penny!"


What if you were able to post with confidence every single day knowing that you have built an engaged audience full of ideal customers?

I'm here to help you scale your handmade product based business...

...without paying for ads.

...without spending hours per day on your phone.

...without cheesy "hacks" or dancing in reels.


"Before Instagram for Makers I was trying my best to create a cohesive page and create consistency, but being a mom to a 6 month old, I easily was overwhelmed and found myself falling behind.

Through Instagram for Makers, Megan has taught me that consistency and cohesiveness doesn't necessarily mean more work! She explains how to "simplify" your work on social media!

Now I spend less time and feel more organized because of Megan's strategies! I have gained over 100 followers and reached +278% accounts! I had the most Etsy sells I've had, and views!"


"For small business owners looking for guidance! It doesn't have to just be macrame, but that too! This is a really great opportunity to get tips from someone that has grown her business substantially in the last year. DON'T HESITATE!"


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"I want to start off by thanking you for creating and offering Instagram for Makers! It’s straight forward advice to connect to your ideal audience and I love the opportunity for discussion on the videos within the course.

 It’s great that the goal of the course is to get small biz makers’ work seen, because that’s the tricky part of it all! I am excited to see updates that come in the future and eager to grow my own audience using these tips."


*Results are not guaranteed as they depend on your application of the course material. Please reach out to [email protected] PRIOR to enrollment if you any questions, as we do not offer refunds!